Zack Snyder Justice League

After 4 years of waiting, we were finally greeted with the most anticipated Cinematic experience – Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

What was supposed to be a franchise saviour turned out to be a dud in 2017! It was at the time labelled as the worst film of the year. It had its issues but certainly wasn’t the worst film. Joss Wheadon, a Marvel guy at the time had been brought on board to handle the post production of the already messy affair by WB to complete the film that Zack left because of his family tragedy.

Joss Wheadon is responsible for Marvel’s biggest film franchise – Avengers! Belonging to the rival production, his hire was already marred with difficulties from the start. Fans already were against the hire. They had been praying that this film will finally do justice to the DC universe. But it wasn’t to happen.

Cut to 4 years later, we got the directors cut for Justice League. A 4 hour journey laying the foundation of DC multi heroes whom we loved from the comics. It was edited with every intention of being different from the Joss-tice League (trending term for 2017 movie; pretty creative).

Zack Snyder opted for different color tone as expected but he went as far as changing the aspect ratio from industry standard 16:9 to traditional 4:3 just to make his movie different from previous. This wasn’t a good choice. Comic book adaptions bring our childhood heroes to life on screen. This has become more possible and exhilarating because of the VFX development in 2021. To go back to the 80s film look diminished the marvel (pun unintended) of the movie. The music too was different and more opera-ish that often didn’t go well with the action involved on screen. Especially, the theme music of Wonder Woman which was the highlight and I was most looking forward to hearing was changed to high pitch female song. Not good, Zack!

The acting, the direction, the overall VFX was more effective. Glad to see 13 million dollars spent on Post for Zack Snyder cut spent well. Finally happy they got rid of digital moustache on Henry Cavill.

The biggest take away from the film is it feels like a Comic book movie! Zack Snyder stayed true to the comic book origins and inclusion of Darkseid was a wonderful touch! Where the previous film was all about Superman, this film flushed out All the members of Justice League evenly.

Last word – A 4 hour extravaganza might just pave the way DC makes their films now for the better. It has its fair issues. It is still messy in parts but the good far outweighs the messiness in the film. A good solid 8/10 I would say.

Can’t wait for Matt Revees Batman! Another Home run from DC for sure.

My rating – 8/10 for doing justice to Justice League and giving a good faithful adaption.

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