Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Hi all, it’s time for the Impossible!!


Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation..

It’s the fifth installment in the series which gives one interesting chapter after another.

This is one series which has got better with each installment.

Maybe the producers opting for new director for every film to bring their distinct individual style, is surely working in their favor.

The film, in, one word, Rocks!!

Let’s breakdown the impossible.. 😛

The film begins with the most daring and crazy stunt you’ll see in modern cinema.

Tom Cruise (no stunt double, he himself) hangs on to the airplane door, bare knuckled, and the plane takes off!!

I mean, if that one shot doesn’t set the mood of the film then I don’t know what will.

The Hunt Team is on a mission to steal a package containing some explosives, believably from the Syndicate, and is expected to do so before the plane takes off..

But, as the Director often remarked, Hunt and team’s most daring missions, at best were termed Lucky, Hunt hangs himself on the plane and pulls it off…

Cut to, we re introduced with the Syndicate infiltrating the IMF, much like Hydra, and captures Ethan Hunt.

Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin, being himself, shuts down the IMF and salvage all it’s remaining assets to CIA.

Ethan Hunt escapes with the help of double agent, Elsa, and learns more about the Syndicate.

Alec Baldwin accuses Ethan to have conjured the Syndicate and all it’s facts to be false.

Then how Team Hunt exposes the Syndicate forms the story of the film.

Plus points,

The Cast-

Tom Cruise-  Ethan Hunt


Man, he doesn’t get old!

At his age, to pull off something that fascinating and dangerous, really is amazing.

By now, he pretty much breathes as Ethan himself. The character’s emotions, his relationship with his friends and his sense of loyalty towards his job as a spy, all are conveyed with much ease and poise. His hand-to-hand combats, his stunts are all top notch.

He aces in this film too.

His character is aptly evolved and you sense the desperation of him finding the man behind Syndicate, his match.

Simon Pegg- Benji

You will get to see a little more than run of the mill humor from Benji in this film. Simon Pegg is pretty much the master in deadpan humor and can turn any scene in to a comedic one.

Look out for his confrontation with Ethan in Vienna!

One line is all he needs.

But here, he too has his moments and Benji excels.

Rebecca Ferguson- Elsa

indexactressShe is a badass! To sum her up, she’s female Ethan Hunt.

Everything Ethan does, she does it with elan, if not better.

She excels in her every shot, be it emotional, action, angst, defeat… you name it.

She is the biggest USP of this film and Rebecca has gone toe-to-toe with Tom Cruise in this film.

Watch out for her in future. She is a find.

Rest of the cast was equally good.

I’m not mentioning specifics because they hadn’t had much to do.

Even the villain, Lane, Sean Harris, has little to do except give stern look in every frame. I feel that the voice of the villain didn’t suit the character. He had nothing special to stand out. He was okay.

That’s it folks, the fifth installment of Mission Impossible Series..

Do watch it for Tom, Rebecca, Simon. You will surely enjoy it.

My rating 4.5/5


The one that remains with you even after the film ends..

And he did it 14 times!!

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