Ant Man


Marvel newest small hero hits the screen this weekend.


First of all, Edgar Wright, take a bow. To keep the movie in an interesting premise without the grandeur of larger than thou Avengers theme takes guts. Though he didn’t direct this one but the initial story was penned by him.

The whole movie as it turned out was a heist movie. A very interesting one at it. Now a days every superhero movie suffers from a similar trait, – an underdog, a overly dramatic villain, a heroine who is skeptical of him, and the redemption and acknowledgement in the end..

Ant-Man too has it but they more than cover it up by some seriously witty one-liners and metaphor throwing at other superheroes in MCU.

The plot-

The film starts with the original Ant-Man, Dr. Hank Pym confronting Howard Stark for trying to duplicate his technology, the Pym Particles.

He quits the SHIELD and starts his own company. Cut to present day to Scott,  a good hearted prison inmate receiving a weird goodbye ritual from his cell mates.

We’re taken to our protagonist’s life, his relationship with his daughter, his unsuccessful attempts to live a civil, crime-free life. But a life for an ex-con is hard even for a Master’s degree in electrical engg.

He gets fired from all jobs, and now, he has no choice but to pull another heist at this old unattended house.

It happens to be Dr. Pym and the object turns out to be his suit. The sequence is superb. Right from telling the idea to the heist itself. Very British feel to the choreography of shots.

He accidentally turns on the suit and now he becomes Ant-man.

What follows is an array of multiple stories leading to him accepting his new role, Hank and his daughter resolving their relationship and the truth about the Wasp. Yes, even the Wasp gets a screen time in this one. Watch out for it!!

And the antagonist, Hank’s former assistant, a.k.a. Yellow Jacket, has his own agenda of replicating the Hank Particles.

He finally completes the formula and Yellow Jacket is born. Hank tells him it’s a bad idea, he doesn’t listen and now Hank along with his daughter, hope, and Scott has to rob his suit and destroy the company.

He saves the day and we now have the movie!

The cast-

Paul Rudd- Ant-Man.

The former SNL comedian, the stand up guy for many romantic comedies gets a chance to be a superhero in the MCU. And boy, does he deliver! He brings his A game to this heist. You can see from the first shot that he means business.

His comic timings, his angst, his physicality, all suit this size altering hero.

Michael Douglas- Hank Pym.

Arguably, the best character int he film. Michael brings all his experience to create a layered performance with a flair. You believe him to be the former man in suit, you accept him to be the mentor and you feel his pain with his own loss.

One of his best performance, no doubt.

Corey Stoll- Yellow Jacket

Typical villain. Melodramatic, cynical, diabolical. No surprise or standout and different. He is believable as Yellow Jacket. It might be because the suit is kickass!!

Rest of the cast were good. Rarely, this happens that in a superhero movie, you get to witness such good acting.

Evangeline Lilly, Michael Pena , etc, all are good!



I would give this 4/5.

Excellent shots, great acting, good dialogues and premise.

Smart, superhero movie worth your time.

Go check it out.

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