Suicide Squad!! DC going all out..

suicide squad

What a week DC is having! They are not holding back! Just days before they released a full fledged trailer of

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice and now they followed it up by yet another awaited film – The Suicide Squad!

They played the song, “I started a joke”, much like the Avengers played the Pinocchio. Hey, but the effect is good. It sells!

So, here it is..


The trailer begins with Viola Davis, a.k.a, Amanda Waller having dinner and putting forth her plan to form a suicide squad in front of some government and military officers. They question about her

“Command and Control” of these wanted fugitives. But as we all know Amanda is no pushover! So, long story short she convinces them and here it is– the most bad-ass team is formed!

The most impressive thing once you watch the trailer is the image of Margot Robbie, Harley Quinn, suspending herself in her cage! Huh? That’s just as crazy as it gets…:P

Then we see which is perhaps the most anticipated role of all- Will Smith joining the DC universe!

He is seen punching and doing most of I Am Legend stuff. The team gets formed and they are sent, presumably, to capture Joker in the Arkham!

Pretty much the trailer in a  gist!

Harley Quinn and Deadshot are exactly what you expect them to be! The actors nailed them! They got the crazy going the angst and lots of bad awesomeness that makes up the suicide universe. Rest of the squad quite frankly, is relatively unknown. You have to wait for the movie. I am omitting some, for example, Boomer rang! I know, he is one of the prime member but this film is centered mostly on 4 people- Amanda, Harley, Deadshot and JOKER!

Oh boy! Now the fun part!

The entire world was skeptical regarding Jared Leto doing justice to the immortal character of Heath Ledger!

I, for one, had faith in this Oscar winning actor. And he kills it! His laughter, more throaty, and the voice-the voice! See, this is what I had expected, a good actor not only changes getup but his mannerisms as well. Listen up, Lex! This is how you transform!

I hope this sneak peak will put the nay-Sayers to rest and the world will get one more lovable Joker to cheer for!

So have you seen the trailer? Go watch it now and let me know what you think of it!

Trailer rating- 4/5!

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