Batman V Superman!! The Count downs..

Batman v Superman- Dawn of Justice - Comic-Con Trailer [HD][18-36-14]

And what a day to start!! The most awaited Superheroes clash. Even though it’s releasing in exactly in one year, this trailer did what it’s supposed to do- keeping you glued to it’s franchise!

Let’s break it down, shall we?

The trailer starts with a monologue from Metropolis Senator! “Today is the day for truth.”

It clearly indicates that this film is gonna take off from where the first Man Of Steel ended.

The battle with Zod had left Metropolis in debris. Naturally, the government has lost most of it’s property and begins to question this alien. But interesting point comes when Bruce Wayne, a.k.a, Batfleck is also seen running towards the dust storm. How and why is he in Metropolis is yet to be seen.

The trailer further shows someone close to him dies in the tower. And later he even says that the Red Cape

(read Superman) has the power to destroy all humanity. So, the field is set. The sides and motives are decided. And it is on!!

The trailer does give a bit more than it’s supposed to…which is little contradictory but alas! We want to see the fight, right? We don’t care that even Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was there seen fighting with someone which we can assume either will be Superman or other member of Justice League.

It’s got plenty of action! Some heavy emotional scenes, good cast, and loads of fan loving audiences!

The Cast-

Henry Cavill – Superman!  Batman v Superman- Dawn of Justice - Comic-Con Trailer [HD][19-13-01]

With all respect to Christopher Reeves, Henry, I must say is the most suitable and easily acceptable as Man Of Steel.

He brings ‘humanity’ to the never ending prowess of the man. But I am little worried that this film will have him follow one track of emotion, that of denial.

Jeremy Irons- Alfred!

One thing you look most forward to the veteran is the delivery. His voice is incomparable.  As Alfred, we can be rest assured that he will shine. He is shown to be in opposition of Batman taking on Superman.

He even goes on to say, “He is not our enemy.”Batman v Superman- Dawn of Justice - Comic-Con Trailer [HD][19-13-16]

Ben Affleck- Batman!

Batfleck, as he is now referred, has surprised one and all. Keeping initial hick-ups aside, now, the more we see him, the more we are convinced in the Batfleck. The trailer shows more of the Dark Knight than we had hoped. By watching it alone you get the gist of his decision to fight Superman. Look forward to the clash! Some cool scenes of Batman jumping on Superman and going through the roof and Superman crushing Batmobile is shown. So 50-50 for now.

Jessie Eisenberg- Lex Luthor!

Guys, I gotta say. Still not convinced. And what’s more, he isn’t bald! Lex, as we all know, is the nemesis of the Superman. But Jessie neither has the voice nor the body to pull it off. Just imagine buffed Henry against skinny Jessie! No fight man!

Lex oozes charisma and terror! By listening to him, one can say that he is a man with a plan! Albeit, it’s more selfish but he is charismatic in bending the government to his side. Jessie lacks in this department big time!

Last words-   Batman v Superman- Dawn of Justice - Comic-Con Trailer [HD][19-13-54]

Black and blue, God vs man, Day vs night. The red cape’s are coming.

The red cape’s are coming!!

So if I have to rate the trailer on scale of 5-

the score is 4.7/5  (Jessie, plz surprise us in the movie!)

Have you guys checked the trailer yet?

Do go and see it ASAP!

And comment on what you think of this review.


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